Terme Topolšica


Terme Topolšica are a thermal complex located in the picturesque landscape of the Savinja Valley. Surrounded by forests and hills, they offer the chance to relax in an idyllic setting and numerous opportunities for active outdoor pursuits.

WHERE ARE terme Topolšica LOCATED?

Topolšica is located at the foot of the Uršlja Mountain and is surrounded by the picturesque nature of the Upper Savinja Valley. For more than a hundred years, its spas and thermal springs have attracted tourists from all over the world.

The history of the thermal springs goes back a long way, as thermal springs were discovered in the area as early as Roman times. In the 16th century, Topolšica was already known as a tourist destination, as the springs were already renowned for the healing properties of their mineral water.

Although the area was badly damaged during World War II, tourism developed rapidly and Topolšica is now one of the best thermal spas in Slovenia.

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When you visit what many consider to be the best thermal resort in Slovenia, you will be impressed by the uniquely designed thermal complex and the wide range of activities on offer.

You can choose between indoor and outdoor pools, which offer you the opportunity to stretch out or go for a more active recreational swim. The thermal water is very beneficial for your health, as it contains many valuable minerals that have a beneficial effect on your body.

The pools in Topolšica are suitable for people recovering from illnesses or various surgical procedures, as well as for children and the whole families. Terme Topolšica are renowned as the best spas in Slovenia due to their wide range of pools, saunas and other wellness services.

(The Zora outdoor water park and the Zara Wellness Centre are currently not in operation.)


If you are going on holiday with children, you will be delighted by the range of activities that Topolšica has to offer. The thermal baths are among the best in Slovenia, and there is a wide range of active leisure activities in the surrounding area. The beautiful beach on Lake Velenje is just a few minutes’ drive away and in summer it is an ideal destination for families with children.

If you want to experience an unforgettable holiday and relax in a unique environment, Terme Topolšica are definitely the perfect choice. For complete comfort, apartments Topolšica are at your disposal, offering you direct access and convenience. Don’t wait any longer, book your holiday today and get ready for a few wonderful days surrounded by nature and thermal water.



People have always built thermal baths in places where there is thermal water, rich in minerals and other elements. Thanks to its geographical location and rich natural heritage, Slovenia is rich in thermal resources and has been a popular tourist destination for centuries. There are more than 15 different thermal springs offering various services, and Terme Topolšica are certainly one of the best thermal baths in Slovenia.

The thermal water available in the various spas (Slovenia is well known for them) is credited with many beneficial and beneficial effects, including:

    • Reduction of muscle and joint pain
    • Improved blood circulation
    • Stress relief
    • Improving skin quality
    • Strengthening the immune system
    • Relieving respiratory diseases

Why visit terme Topolšica?

The hotel’s swimming pools include a sauna complex. There are two Finnish saunas and one infrared sauna, which help to eliminate toxins from the body, promote well-being, relieve tension and stress, and improve blood circulation. After unwinding in the sauna, there is a pleasant relaxation area where you can cool off and enjoy the pleasant view of the indoor pools.

Of course, we can’t forget to indulge our taste buds! The chefs of the hotel’s Vesna restaurant, located inside the thermal complex, will spoil you with fresh seasonal ingredients and local specialties. There is also a café with a spacious terrace where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, small snacks and desserts.

Terme Topolšica in okolica ponujajo tudi odlične možnosti za športne aktivnosti. V bližini so na voljo fitnes center, najem koles, teniška igrišča ter igrišča za odbojko in košarko. Okolica, ki jo ponuja Topolšica (terme so odlično izhodišče), je polna čudovitih sprehajalnih in kolesarskih poti, ki vas popeljejo skozi neokrnjeno naravo.

People recovering from surgery, various illnesses and spinal problems often go to Terme Topolšica. The thermal water pools have a soothing effect on body aches and pains (joints, hips, knees, spine). The warm water in the pools has a pleasant effect on the entire locomotor system, while the weightlessness of swimming reduces the strain on the joints and helps in faster recovery.