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If you have discovered an error, inaccuracy, out-of-date or other deficiency on the website, please let us know at info@apartmajitopolsica.si. You can also send us your requests to withdraw your personal data from the website at the same address.

Any individual can request the provider to withdraw his personal data published on the website, which also includes a picture or video clip in which the individual appears. In this case, the provider will immediately remove the personal data from the website.


Confirmation of the reservation by the guest consequently constitutes agreement with the general terms and conditions of business. This agreement, which includes the reservation of the apartment, is binding on both parties. The reservation is not valid until an advance payment of at least 30% of the reservation value has been paid. The entire amount of the reservation must be settled in advance, namely no later than 3 working days before the day of arrival, and in any case no later than one day before arrival (in case of late booking). The method of payment is exclusively by pre-invoice, with payment to the TRR of the company Spletni partner d.o.o. (SI56 6100 0001 7883 946, opened at Delavska hranilnica, d.d., Ljubljana), the reservation is valid after the advance payment and written confirmation from the provider.

Once a reservation has been confirmed, it cannot be changed or sold. The apartments may not be sold to third parties at a higher price than agreed with the company Spletni partner d.o.o.. The company has the right to cancel the reservation if the person has transferred or sold the reservation to a third party. The company also does not allow the apartments to be used for purposes other than intended.


The guest has the right to refund the amount paid by canceling their reservation in writing:

  • up to 30 days before arrival: free cancellation, full refund of the amount paid (advance)
  • from 30 to 3 days before arrival: no refund of the amount paid (advance)
  • less than 3 days before arrival: in case of cancellation, the full amount of the reservation will be kept 

In the event that guests do not show up on the day of arrival, the full price of the booked accommodation will be charged. For reservations during holidays and major events (between 24 December and 2 January 2021 and between 30 April and 2 May), the deadline for cancellation is at least 72 hours before arrival, otherwise the company Spletni partner d.o.o. reserves the right to charge the full price of the reservation.

Different conditions apply in certain cases of cancellation. In the event of cancellation due to illness, alternative dates can be arranged. In this case, the provider may request an official confirmation.

According to Article 13 of the Rulebook on the Implementation of the Value Added Tax Act, a non-returned advance payment is treated as compensation, so it is considered that no VAT is calculated or paid on compensation.


The arrival of guests is after 2 p.m., except by prior agreement with the provider. Guest registration is carried out on the basis of the previously submitted documents of all guests. Only registered guests can stay in the apartment, visitors must be announced to the provider in advance.

Guests can leave by 10 a.m. at the latest, unless otherwise agreed with the provider. The guest is obliged to adequately compensate for the damage caused during his stay to the furniture, floor, windows, doors, equipment or to the building itself and its surroundings (e.g. garden, corridor, etc.), or reimburse in a monetary amount before his departure. Services related to the guest’s stay and compensation for the resulting damage are paid by the guest to the owner. In case of early departure, the paid reservation is not returned. When leaving, check all rooms for any forgotten items.

Do not leave any food, garbage or waste in the apartments after departure, dishes must be washed, dried and put away in cupboards. Otherwise, the provider reserves the right to charge a cleaning fee of €50.


Apartment DREN (price for 4 people)

03.01. – 15.06.          135,00 €

16.06. – 31.08.          150,00 €

1.09. – 23.12.             135,00 €

24.12. – 2.1.               170,00 €

Apartment HORTENZIJA (price for 8 people)

03.01. – 15.06.          200,00 €

16.06. – 31.08.          250,00 €

1.09. – 23.12.             200,00 €

24.12. – 2.1.               300,00 €

*The price is valid for 1 night.

Mandatory surcharges:

  • tourist tax – adults: 1,75 € / person / night
  • tourist tax – children (7-18 years): 0,88 € / person / night

Other surcharges:

  • extra bed: €10/person/night
  • extra bed + pool ticket: €15/person/night

Exceptionally only, by prior explicit agreement:

– pets:  10€/day
– cleaning after the pet’s stay:  50€

In case of any damage during the pet’s stay in the apartment, the provider reserves the right to charge the guest in full for the repair of the damage.

Prices include VAT. Heating, towels and bed linen are also included in the rental price.

The apartments have a fully equipped kitchen (electric stove, dishes and utensils, dishwasher), bathroom (shower, toilet, sink), living room with dining room (extendable sofa and dining table, TV, coffee table).


During your absence, the door of the apartment should be locked, the windows closed, the lighting and all electrical appliances (TV, stove) turned off and the water turned off. To turn on the heating, check that the radiators are open. When using the heating, please keep the windows and doors closed. Please do not use hot water unnecessarily and do not throw away towels after the first use.

Smoking is prohibited in the apartments.

Pets are not allowed, except by express prior agreement with the proprietor.

Please separate your waste.

The proprietor does not assume any responsibility for money, jewellery, securities and other items kept by guests in the apartment and cars. Parking at the lower station of the gondola is free and at your own risk.

The owner of the building has the right to enter the apartment in the absence of the guest, under special circumstances, in order to prevent possible damage or danger.

Do not disturb order and peace with your behaviour and respect the stated rules, especially during the night hours (from 10:00 p.m. to 07:00 a.m.) and during the afternoon break (from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.).

In case of non-observance of the rules of the house, the owner has the right to cancel the guest’s further stay in the apartment, without reimbursement of the rental costs.

In case of inadequate equipment that does not belong in the room or suite, the guest should agree with the owner on the method and costs of storage.

In case of loss of keys, the provider reserves the right to charge a fee of €50.

For some cases of rental or reservation, different conditions of stay may be agreed upon and apply, as stated in these general notices and conditions of stay.


The guest must point out the irregularities or deficiencies on the spot on the same day as he discovers the irregularity. In the event that, judging by the complaint, it could be resolved on the spot (e.g. lack of cleanliness, equipment, location, etc.), but the guest did not inform the above-mentioned persons about the irregularities, it is considered that the guest has agreed to such a service . The guest can submit a written complaint no later than eight days after the end of the stay. The complaint must be substantiated, with appropriate evidence or a certificate, sent to the address Spletni partner d.o.o., Obrtniška ulica 22, 8210 Trebnje or by e-mail to info@apartmajitopolsica.si.


Unless otherwise stated next to the photos themselves or in these terms of use, the images are the property of the provider, or the provider has express permission for them to be used by the author without attribution.