Points of interest


Museum of the leather industry in Slovenia

The exhibition showcases the rich history and chronological overview of leathercraft, industrialists, and the bygone way of life in the Šaleška Valley.

The Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia

Gain a deeper understanding of the historical context and appreciate the vital role coal mining played in shaping the local community.

Velenje castle and museum
Experience the grandeur of one of Slovenia’s most preserved castles as you its 10 diverse permanent museum exhibitions.
Experience the charm of an open-air folk architecture museum, where history comes to life and connect with the customs aof earlier times.
House of

Explore the collection dedicated to minerals from Slovenia, which offers a unique insight into the country’s geological heritage.

Botanical garden
Mozirski gaj
Experience the delights of Mozirski gaj by taking a leisurely stroll amidst the beds of exquisite flowers, majestic trees, and other captivating wonders.
Museum collection
Mozirje and Mozirjani
Embark on a captivating journey through the museum collection, delve into the rich history of Mozirje and immerse yourself in the past.

Indulge in the tranquil beauty of the surroundings, feel the refreshing breeze, and create unforgettable memories amidst this idyllic setting.

vineyard cottage

Learn about winemaking and indulge in a tasting experience that will leave you with a deep appreciation for Slovenia’s viticulture heritage.

Vrbovec Castle and Museum
Grad Vrbovec ima svoj muzej gozdrastva in lesarstva kjer lahko spoznate čas furmanov, olcarjev, žagarjev, mizarjev, tesarjev in splavarjev.
double hayrack

This impressive double hayrack, not only serves its traditional purpose but also houses an exhibition showcasing the historical development of the area.

Learning path of
Pearl the dwarf

Explore the diverse ecosystems, learn about the geography, uncover the historical significance, and immerse yourself in the heritage of the region.


The Adrenaline Park, situated high among the trees within the Menina camp, offers an exhilarating experience for both children and adults alike. 

pillar of shame

Visit the shaming post, or “pranger,” in Rečica. During the Middle Ages, this pillar served as a site where convicts were punished and publicly shamed.


Indulge in the beauty of Braslovče Lake by paying it a visit and taking a leisurely stroll along its educational trail, exploring the local flora and fauna.

ski resort

Golte Ski Resort offers you numerous beautiful ski slopes and breathtaking views that the whole family will surely enjoy.

Beer fountain

Immerse yourself in the aromas of different brews. This interactive attraction allows you to sample various kinds of local beers.


Traverse the ancient pathways and marvel at the breathtaking stalactites that adorn the chambers of this 3 million year old cave.


Explore the historical ruins that once served as the headquarters of the Žovneški Lordsand discover the stories  hidden within these ancient walls.

Explore the
underground world

Delve into the depths of pristine karst caves and witness the breathtaking formations that nature has sculpted over millions of years.


Explore the fascinating ethnological collection and observe a diverse array of objects, some dating back up to 400 years.

Extinct volcano

This extinct volcano provides various opportunities for hiking and observing a wide range of flora and endangered animal species such as the wild rooster.

Ethno Village

This immersive experience allows you to appreciate the rich heritage of various crafts while supporting the local community’s artistic traditions.

Pozoj caste trail
around Velenje

This trail will take you past five distinct castles, each with its own unique tales to tell. Follow in the footsteps of the dragon Pozoj as you explore the path.

Old Castle

Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of history that surrounds you as you visit the castle that belonged to the most influential Slovenian ruling dynasty.

Rock formation
Igla (needle)

Marvel at the grandeur of this natural landmark, envisioning the journeys of those who traversed this scenic route in days gone by.

Gornji Grad
baroque Chatedral

Prepare to be captivated by the rich heritage showcased within this cultural landmark as you admire the beautiful art within this magnificent structure.

Regional park
Robanov kot

With its breathtaking landscapes and rich heritage, it offers an ideal destination for hiking enthusiasts and sightseers alike.


Experience the enchantment of the Žager Mill, a magical structure, nestled amidst lush undergrowth, that has stood for at least 250 years. 


Delight in the mesmerizing cascade of this picturesque natural wonder standing at an impressive height of 25 meters.

Matkov kot and
Matkov škaf

Matkov Škaf is a crater-like snow formation that emerges during the winter months, captivating visitors with its pristine beauty.

Paleontological cave
Potočka zijalka

Explore an important archaeological site from the Paleolithic era, where traces of an ancient Stone Age dwelling have been discovered.


Witness the sheer power and beauty of the cascading water of the waterfall as it plunges into a mesmerizing display of spray and mist.

pasture plateau

Lace up your hiking boots and embark on an unforgettable journey, immersing yourself in the natural beauty that unfolds at every turn.


Prepare to be enthralled as you delve into this extraordinary underground world, where natural wonders and fascinating creatures await at every turn.

water spring

Discover a natural monument, a source of acidic mineral water, that has captivated visitors for its unique qualities.